Have To Go To The Bathroom At Disney World?


The new bathroom pass allows riders to leave the line, head to the restroom, and then re-enter through the FastPass line where they’ll wait in a holding area for the rest of their party. The bathroom pass – a lanyard with the Queue Re-Entry Pass attached — will be given to the rider by a Disney employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there bathrooms outside of Epcot?

Yes! Each Disney Theme Park has a set of pre-entrance restrooms that can be accessed before the park is officially open.

Where are there no bathrooms in Magic Kingdom?

That's right! There is a hidden bathroom right in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop to the left as you exit the attraction. Speaking of attractions, there is also a secret restroom between Space Mountain and Carousel of Progress. The final hidden restroom in Magic Kingdom is in a restaurant.

How many bathrooms are at Disney World?

Counting the park entrance, there are 11 stand-alone restrooms in the park, compared to just 4 rides. There is no other theme park that can boast that kind of ratio. The tagline for DHS could even be “We're #1 at #2!”

Are there any restrooms at Walt Disney World?

When you visit Walt Disney World, you expect to wait in lines, but one line we don’t think about until the need arises is the line for the restroom. With so many people visiting Disney World theme parks every day, the restrooms are bound to be packed, but fortunately there are a few restrooms that seem almost immune to the huge crowds.

Which is the most popular bathroom at Disney World?

The most popular bathrooms at Disney World by far and lovingly called Tangled toilets, due to it being entirely themed around the movie. This also has to be the most photographed bathroom at Disney World as well. Disney even has a special Photopass picture here in the evening that is super popular.

How old do you have to be to go to Disney World?

View important details. To enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date are required for Guests ages 3 and up. Learn more.

Where are the restrooms at Finding Nemo?

The restrooms near the theater for near Finding Nemo – The Musical are quiet unless a show just ended. Near the exit of Dinoland USA is another hidden restroom. Even though this is a busy area with Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur close by, this restroom has plenty of space to accommodate the crowds.

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