How to expand your space with interior design items

We’ve all heard a lot about tricks for visually expanding space using mirrors, chiaroscuro and other optical illusions. This is all very cool and really creates the effect of expanding the room. But how effective does this solve the problem of a small room in terms of storage, a comfortable pastime and coziness? Perhaps, not much.

Okay, what about these bulky multi-storey constructions with a bunch of shelves, cabinets and so on? At first it seems like they really solve the problem, but in reality this is only a disguise. You create a lot of small spaces (cells, drawers, organizers) and, naturally, fill them with trifle (often unnecessary).

It is worth saying here that sometimes it is very useful to get rid of unnecessary things, to leave only used and dear items in the house. But let’s not get distracted from the main topic.

Let’s take a look at really working methods of expanding space with … decor items.


In a small house/studio, big part of the space is usually occupied by the bedroom, because it is difficult to come up with a practical solution for the bed, and you have to allocate a certain area to it. However, here is a highly creative solution that will help make the resting place multifunctional without compromising its main purpose.

Take a look at the photo below. This corner is a bedroom when there is a mattress, a place to work if you put pillows and a laptop, a place to rest if you cover it with a blanket and watch a movie, as well as for games, meditation and much more. Cool, isn’t it?

Just, please, do not stuff these cute lockers with junk. Let it be a depot of pillows, blankets and plaids. After all, primary it’s a bedroom, so a foundation clogged with “vanity” can interfere with a healthy, restful sleep. And again philosophical outpourings. Okay, let’s move on.

Living room

The problem of the lack of free space in the living room is especially big for fans of crowded meetings, whether it’s entertainment, a conference or a family dinner. Feel free to send children and youth “to the bedroom”, our multifunctional corner, described in the previous paragraph, and for adults there is another solution: folding armchairs. Yes, yes! Like those on a picnic or beach. Beautiful upholstery and a solid base will bring coziness and comfort and help you forget about the size of your studio.


Whether you are a student or a senior specialist, you often have to work with a laptop. Especially, in new post-pandemic reality. Working from home is routine for everyone, so build a “room” for your workhorse is essential. Working on the bed or on the couch is not physiological, and very soon you can earn problems with the spine or vision.

The improved step-ladder will serve as a desk, a shelf for essentials (do you remember? We leave only necessary ones). If you wish, you can hide it behind a curtain or convert it into a hanger and organizer for accessories. Note that you can make all of this without a desk.


Absence of hanging cabinets in the kitchen would be ideal. This will immediately free up space and make the kitchen bigger. Small open shelves will not clutter your eyes. Pans, cups and all utensils that have handles can be hung on nails. In order not to keep extra dishes, here’s a tip. When planning a meeting with guests, buy the cheapest cups and plates that exist in your city, and when you leave, write them down and present them as a souvenir to your guests. Be sure, you will be remembered as the most hospitable owner. By the way, it’s hygienic.

It makes sense

Do not be sad if you have a small living space. As you can see, there are so many solutions that anyone can apply. Just open your imagination.

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