Does Westhouse Nyc Have Shared Bathrooms?

WestHouse Hotel New York Review and Highlights Featuring Luxury Room

New York City’s best bathrooms

New York City’s best bathrooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Westhouse Hotel in New York accessible?

The WestHouse Hotel welcomes guests of all abilities. Our property descriptions aim to allow any visitor to make an informed decision on whether the hotel is an appropriate choice for their needs. For more information, please see our Accessibility Statement . WELCOME TO LIVING #INRESIDENCE. We invite you to make WestHouse your house.

What do you need to know about Westhouse?

We invite you to make WestHouse your house. WestHouse offers a vast array of bespoke privileges; from breakfast and evening light fare with wine and beer, served daily in our lounge areas, to high-speed WiFi, all covered by our nightly Resident Fee.

Is there a luxury Hotel in New York?

Privacy in the most public place in the world. Extraordinary among luxury hotels in Manhattan, WestHouse Hotel New York is a true “house away from home,” a gracious retreat blending the plush comforts of an elegant Uptown apartment with the refined luxuries of a boutique hotel.

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