Does Stowe Have A Natural Landscape?


Stowe has been lumped into a jumbled framework of anachronistic landscape commentary much based in the literature of reception. … Stowe is recognized as the most extensive extant landscape garden to exemplify contributions by the first four designers in the medium: Vanbrugh, Bridgeman, Kent, and Brown.

Stowe Garden in a Nutshell

Stowe Landscape Gardens


Frequently Asked Questions

Who designed the gardens at Stowe?

In 1713, Temple became Baron Cobham and four years later was created Viscount Cobham. It was at this period that Temple employed garden designer Charles Bridgeman and architect Sir John Vanbrugh to enhace the gardens.

When was Stowe castle built?

Stowe Castle It was built in 1738 on the outskirts of the estate to act as an eye-catcher from the Temple of Friendship.

Is Stowe Avenue A Roman road?

Its backbone is the straight Roman Road which runs diagonally across the site from south-west to north-east and forms the west boundary between pleasure grounds and park.

How much does it cost to go to Stowe gardens?


Gift AidStandard
Adult £14.30 £13.00
Child £7.20 £6.50
Family £35.80 £32.50
Family One Adult £21.50 £19.50

What kind of animals live in Stowe garden?

Reveal the story of the gardeners at Stowe and how they shaped the landscape. From the big to the small, fluffy to the scaly, discover some of the animals that call Stowe home. The gardens never sleep, find out about some of the animals who venture out after dark

Where is the Stowe estate in London located?

Stowe is a grand estate in the Vale of Aylesbury north of London. It contains a large mansion and extensive grounds in the Landscape style, which developed during the 18 th century in Georgian England to reflect a growing interest in an idealized natural landscape.

What do you need to know about Stowe School?

An extraordinary school set within a beautiful ducal palace and historic landscape gardens. The academic experience at Stowe is designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and understanding and independence of thought

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