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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Sherwin Williams exterior white?

The Best Exterior White Paint Colors

  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster.
  • Benjamin Moore Simply White.
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White.
  • Sherwin Williams White Duck.
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove.
  • Sherwin Williams Natural Choice.
  • Sherwin Williams Shoji White.
  • Sherwin Williams Oyster White.

Is Sherwin Williams pure white A good exterior color?

Pure White is one of my favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors because of its versatility. It is a great color for trim, crown molding, walls, exteriors, cabinets, furniture, and more. Plus, it can coordinate with either warm or cool paint color and accents, because it really straddles the line between warm and cool.

What color is Sherwin Williams reliable white?

Reliable White SW 6091 - White & Pastel Paint Color - Sherwin-Williams.

What are the best Sherwin Williams paint colors?

1 Sherwin Williams Greek Villa 2 Pure White 3 Extra White 4 Ceiling White 5 Snowbound 6 Ice Cube 7 Pearly White 8 Alabaster 9 White Flour 10 Dover White 11 Toque White 12 White Duck 13 Oyster White

Are there any true white paints out there?

As we’ve already discussed there are a ton of white options out there however, very few of these will come across as true white. As you look through white paints you’ll see that a lot of them could be described as gray, beige, pink, blue, and so on. This is because nearly all whites have an undertone.

Which is the best pure white interior paint?

Again, Pure White is an 84 which is pretty darn high. We also painted our entire interior in Pure White as well as our trim and doors. Since we used a different sheen, this works well. It’s a really great color for interior paint if you want a true white.

What is the LRV for pure white paint?

The scale ranges from 0 to 100 with black being at a 0 and the purest white at 100 (reflecting ALL light). The LRV helps when choosing a color and knowing how light or dark a color will appear. Again, Pure White is an 84 which is pretty darn high.

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