Does Satin Exterior Paint Fade?


Durability. Because sheens tend to fade over time, satin finishes sometimes require repainting faster than flat ones. Direct sunlight can hasten this process. … Before you choose a flat or satin exterior paint, read the labeling to ensure it is formulated to resist the effects of sun exposure.


Not today, with newer paints on the market, having more fade resistant properties. Cutting to the chase, your best fade resistant paints are those being exterior satin, lifetime coatings. This could not be more true with older paints having theoretically faded out, allowing newer improved ones taking their place, as shown above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Paint Fade in direct sun?

Now including UV protection with every premium exterior paint, resisting fade even more. What you may have used or experienced 15 - 20 years ago, is not even close to what is available today. Before, exterior paints would fade average 7% per year in direct sun. Today, best exterior paints may only fade 1 to 3% per year.

What kind of paint will fade out quickly?

We are speaking of 100% Acrylic latex emulsion paints in this article. Alkaid oil based paints have a tendency fading out even quicker than acrylics. Understanding paint fade is the first sign you need to repaint your exterior. Paint drying out, loosing it's luster, pliable and elasticity.

What's the difference between flat paint and satin paint?

Satin finishes are relatively low in reflection, which means that they also do a decent job of hiding bumps and imperfections in the siding surface. To the touch, they still have the chalky feel of flat finishes, but with a slight waxy smoothness. The same paint color will appear slightly richer in a satin sheen than it does in a flat sheen.

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