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Frequently Asked Questions

Will landscape fabric stop voles?

Large-sized crushed-stone mulch and pine bark mulch may reduce vole tunneling. Plastic and landscape fabric mulches can actually increase vole populations and subsequent damage. ... Burying the hardware cloth around raised beds and gardens to a depth of six inches will keep them out of these areas.

Will landscape fabric keep moles out?

About the only way to deter them is to cover the top of the bed with landscape fabric (also called weed barrier) and anchor it down securely, then cut slits or X's into the fabric to place your plants.

How to keep voles away from your garden?

How to Deter Voles From Your Garden. 1 1. Make Your Yard Unfriendly to Voles. The first step if you want to deter voles is to try to make your yard and garden so inhospitable that they have ... 2 2. Try a Repellent. 3 3. Sonic Repellents. 4 4. Add Gravel in Planting Holes. 5 5. Protect Young Trees. More items

What do voles look like in the yard?

They also have sharp teeth that let them chew on vegetation and bark. If you get a good look at this critter, take a look at its ears. Voles have small, rounded ears that can easily be hidden by their fur, along with smaller eyes. Typically, you’ll find vole tunnels right near the surface of the yard.

What kind of plants do voles like to eat?

Because they tend to favor foliage and plants and are almost exclusively herbivore, they’ll absolutely decimate your garden in no time. Grass. Roots and bark. Tubers (like potatoes). All vegetables (like turnips, carrots, and lettuce). All fruit. Fruit trees. Flowers (yes, even your lovely flower garden is at risk!)

How big of a fence do you need for voles?

Putting a vole-proof fence around your entire property can be very laborious and unsightly, since it needs to be made out of some type of screen, mesh or hardware cloth. The fence will also need to be at least a foot deep so that voles can’t easily dig underneath and pop out on the other side.

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