Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Exterior Water And Sewer Lines?


Your standard homeowners insurance probably won’t cover water backup from an outside sewer or drain either. However, you may be able to add optional water backup coverage to your policy. Here’s another important thing to keep in mind: Flood damage is not covered by a standard homeowners policy.


Homeowners insurance generally will not cover exterior water lines or the cost of a water line break outside your home. However, if the water line is part of your actual property, and you have a water or service line rider, then accidental breaks generally are covered through that endorsement. What is a Water Line Homeowners Insurance Rider?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does homeowners insurance cover water and sewer lines?

Like water damage, the homeowner's insurance policy will cover sewer damage only if the same is related to the specified peril. ... Damage can also occur due to tree root infiltration or neglecting plumbing issues. Homeowners insurance will not be cover the lack of sewer line maintenance.

Does homeowners insurance cover outside plumbing?

Does home insurance cover plumbing? Home insurance is designed to cover the costs of unexpected damage. That means that gradual damage to your plumbing, such as rusting pipes, seepage or damage from faulty fixtures usually isn't covered, because it could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

How much does intact water and sewer insurance cover?

In the event you experience a leak, break, tear, rupture or collapse of a water and/or sewer line, you’ll have $10,000 in coverage to repair or replace your water service and/or sewer line. To learn more about the Enhanced Water Damage Package, contact your Intact Insurance broker.

Can a home insurance policy cover a septic system?

Some plans that might cover exterior water and sewer lines won't be adaptable to homes that use septic systems. Additionally, keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance will often only be of help if your plumbing, water or sewer lines suffered sudden and catastrophic damage, according to Policygenius.

Can a faulty sewage system be covered by home insurance?

A home insurance policy is designed to protect homeowners against financial losses arising from their property. A faulty sewage system can cost thousands in repair, and your standard insurance policy may not be able to cover you.

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