Does Gaylord Library Have A Bathroom?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy products from the Gaylord library?

Shop Gaylord Library Products Now! Find all your favorite Gaylord library products at—you can even shop by Gaylord part number. Demco carries all the brands you know and love.

When did Gaylord Archival become part of DEMCO?

As of January 1, 2015, we've become Gaylord Archival, specializing in archival and museum products. Your favorite Gaylord library products are now available from Demco, a trusted partner and leading library supplier.

Is there a federal law for gendered restrooms?

While there’s no federal law regarding bathroom accessibility for transgender or non-binary people, many businesses emphasize that their gendered restrooms are inclusive to everyone, regardless of how they may present.

Do you have to have a gender divided bathroom?

OSHA requires companies with more employees to have gender-divided, clearly marked bathrooms unless the only types of restrooms available are single-occupancy bathrooms with doors that lock from within.

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