Does Exterior Stain Prevent Mildew?


CONSIDER A WATER-BASED STAIN Water-based stains are extremely resistant to mold and are easier to clean and maintain. Stains containing zinc nano-particles, such as Defy or Behr, will have better natural resistance to mildew. … Deal with potential mold risks on a consistent basis to better preserve your deck.


Nontoxic stains may not contain chemicals that prevent mildew. If these fungi are a problem where you live, you’ll have to add mildewcide to the stain before application.

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Wet and Forget Outdoor review: remove mold and mildew from siding..NO SCRUBBING…NO BLEACH

Frequently Asked Questions

Does stain protect wood from mold?

Even if no mold is present, Wet and Forget will kill and prevent unseen mold spores from growing. It is safe to spray on top of most wood stains and sealers.

Will stain kill mildew?

Wood Or Paneling (Painted, Stained) To remove mildew from painted wooden surfaces, make a solution of 8-10 tablespoons of Washing (sal) Soda or Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and 1 gallon of water. Scrub the mildewed area thoroughly using a soft-bristled brush.

Can you use paint to get rid of mildew?

Try as you might to hide it with a moisture resistant paint primer it always has a way of showing its face again, especially if the source and reason are not discovered and taken care of first. Paint itself does not and will not get rid of or kill any mold or mildew.

Is it good to put exterior stain on wood?

You can safeguard wood in one of two ways: either with paint, which seals it under an opaque film, or, perhaps better, with exterior stain. The beauty of stain is that it’s easy to apply, resistant to peeling, and brings out wood’s texture or grain.

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