Does Exterior Paint Have An Effect On Your Cooling System?


By choosing the right interior and exterior paint colors, you can improve your home’s cooling efficiency. As a result, you’ll reduce wear and tear on the AC system.


Studies show that a recently-developed reflective paint can help keep buildings cool by reducing the surface temperature of exterior walls by a stunning 28°F (15.6°C), reducing the need for air conditioning which, in the US, accounts for about 15% of energy consumption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does exterior paint color affect temperature?

The outside of your house either absorbs or reflects heat, making the inside hotter or cooler. That means the color you select for the outside of your home affects the temperature inside, for better or worse.

Does white paint keep house cooler?

Commercial white paints are cooler than the other, darker-colored paints, but they are still warmer than the ambient or surrounding temperature,” Ruan says. These existing paints are better than nothing, but the researchers wanted to experiment with materials that could reflect, rather than absorb, the sun's UV rays.

What color keeps your house cool?

Colors That Alter the Temperature Instead, choose light and white shades of paint for the exterior of your home. These colors are good at reflecting the sun's heat from the home, which can help cool off your home. White paint can give you about 35 percent less heat than if you had black or other dark-colored walls.

Is it OK to paint in air conditioning?

Painting your air conditioner may not do any harm, if done carefully. An outdoor component of the central A/C that's rusty and discolored can be an exterior eyesore, it's true. ... You can revamp a unit's appearance with new paint, but you can't make it new again.

How does paint affect the temperature of a surface?

Surfaces coated with a paint that efficiently reflects and radiates energy (left) drop in temperature, as seen in an infrared image (right). Homes in Greece and other sunbaked countries are regularly painted white to reflect as much sunlight as possible.

How is the cool paint ( heat reflective paint on roof works?

Cool Paint is made of highly reflective type of paint by emissivity aqueous coating based on acrylic- resins. It is an eco-friendly paint which upon application to cementaceous, asbestos or MS roofing, increases the emissivity of that surface, which results in reflection of heat energy.

Are there any paint that can lower temperature?

As yet, none of these products have been able to deflect enough of the Sun's rays to make the building's temperature lower than the ambient conditions. Now, researchers in the US say they have developed a white paint with strong cooling properties.

Why is paint used to cool data centres?

The researchers say the paint may have a broad range of applications - particularly in data centres, which require large amounts of cooling. Since the paint lacks metallic components, it is unlikely to interfere with electromagnetic signals, making it suitable for cooling telecommunications equipment.

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