Does Exterior Latex Primer Need A Topcoat?


When it comes to exterior wood, using a primer is crucial. A good primer, whether it’s acrylic, acrylic/latex, or alkyd-based, allows paint to adhere more tightly to the surface. Primer also improves the topcoats ability to resist surface moisture.

How to Choose The Right Primer & When To Use Each Type of Paint – Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to put a top coat over primer?

Always cover primer with a top coat of sealer or paint. You don't always have to use primer before paint. Primer and paint have different purposes, make sure you are using it right.

Do you have to paint over exterior primer?

On most unpainted exterior surfaces, the standard procedure calls for a primer coat followed by two topcoats of paint. ... You can apply quality latex paint over any oil- or latex-painted surface that's in good shape. If the paint is sound, you generally need to prime only scraped or repaired areas.

Do you need a primer or a top coat?

A primer may not be necessary for every paint job depending on the nature of the surface but a top coat is always required for aesthetic and protective functions. Primers and topcoats are different in composition based on the solvents and pigments used in making them.

Do you need to put a top coat on enamel paint?

Just as with the primer, you may not need a topcoat when using enamel paint. While either or both primers and a top coat may be applied due to preference, the general guide is the surface that’s to be painted.

Do you need to top coat acrylic latex before painting?

However, you may be topcoating only because the surface is dull or because you want a new color. If that’s the case and the existing paint is sound, a single coat of “one-coat” acrylic latex paint applied properly offers adequate protection and coverage in lieu of the two topcoats.

What kind of primer do I need for new paint?

One coat of a high-quality water-based primer (e.g., Zinsser Bulls Eye, available on Amazon) or oil-based primer (e.g., Zinsser Cover Stain, also available on Amazon) is all you need to bind the old white paint and the new shade, mask stains and recently patched/sanded areas, and reduce how much new paint you’ll need for full coverage.

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