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How to Appeal Property Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to appeal property taxes or seek a property tax?

If not we are happy to answer your email or phone questions. Here at Tax Appeal Consultants we are passionate about Real Estate Property Tax Issues, Property Tax Appeals, and especially Property Tax Reductions. Your interest in Reasons To Appeal Property Taxes indicates you might have a concern about your real estate property taxes too.

How to appeal a mis-assessed property tax?

Write a formal letter of appeal. Typically, the first step in making a property tax appeal is to write a formal letter to the assessor. List all evidence that your property was mis-assessed. Attach supporting documents.

When to appeal your property tax assessment in Georgia?

In DeKalb County, Georgia, for instance, homeowners receive the assessment in May and have until July to appeal it, according to Bill Golden, a real estate agent with RE/MAX Around Atlanta. In other places, you might have a shorter window.

Is the Tax Appeals Commission still in existence?

A reduced number of staff will be attending the office from August 2020 so we would appreciate it if you could continue to send any correspondence, including notices of appeal, by email to [email protected], where possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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