Does Australia Have Striking Desert Landscape?


Simpson Desert Known as the Australia’s fourth largest desert, Simpson is a vastly stunning and vividly colored desert which occupies the parts of Northern Territory, encompassing Queensland and South Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there desert landscapes in Australia?

An arid country, 18% of Australia is considered desert and it is home to the sixth biggest desert in the world, the Great Victoria Desert. Virtually uninhabited by humans, Australia's desert landscapes contain unique and resilient endemic plants and animals. The Great Sandy Desert, as seen from the ISS.

Where can you find this striking desert landscape Australia?

These are the ones you don't want to miss.

  • The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia. ...
  • Simpson Desert, South Australia & Northern Territory. ...
  • Tanami Desert, Northern Territory & Western Australia. ...
  • Sturt Stony Desert, South Australia, New South Wales & Queensland. ...
  • Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia & South Australia.

Which type of desert landscape is found in Australia?


DesertState/Territory% of Australia
Great Victoria Desert Western Australia, South Australia 4.5%
Great Sandy Desert Western Australia 3.5%
Tanami Desert Western Australia, Northern Territory 2.4%
Simpson Desert Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia 2.3%

How much of Australia is desert terrain?

Nearly 20 per cent of Australia's land mass is classified as desert. As well as having a low average annual rainfall, rainfall across Australia is also variable. The rainfall pattern is concentric around the extensive arid core of the continent, with rainfall intensity high in the tropics and some coastal areas.

Where are most of the deserts in Australia located?

Deserts of Australia. However, approximately 35% of the Australian continent receives so little rain it is effectively desert. The deserts in Australia are primarily distributed throughout the western plateau and interior lowlands of the country. By international standards, Australian deserts receive relatively high rates of rainfall.

What kind of plants live in the desert in Australia?

(Image: Mark Marathon/ Rich and diverse communities of endemic plants and animals have adapted to exist in Australia’s arid areas. “The desert is filled with woodland, grassland, and savanna plants,” says James. “Amongst these desert plants, mulga covers 20–25 per cent of the continental land area,...

How big is the Gibson Desert in Australia?

The Gibson Desert lies in central Western Australia. The desert is about 156,000 km 2 (60,000 sq mi) in size. Most of the inhabitants of the area are Indigenous Australians .

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