Does A Landscaper In Pa Need A Contractor License?


You do not need a state license to work as a landscaper in Pennsylvania. However, if you apply pesticides as part of your service, you may be required to hold a commercial pesticide applicator license from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


Pennsylvania law does not require licensing or registration for commercial contractors. Contractors engaged in home improvement work, however, must register and follow specific state guidelines, and include their registration number in all contracts and advertisements.


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Handyman business/ License and insurance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to be a handyman in Pennsylvania?

You do not need a state license to work as a handyman in Pennsylvania. However, if you do more than $5,000 worth of home improvement work per year, you must register with the Attorney General's Office.

What kind of license do you need to be a contractor in PA?

Some of Pennsylvania’s 2,562 municipalities have established local licensure or certification requirements for contractors or construction trades people. Typically, these requirements pertain to home improvement contractors, electrical contractors (or electricians), and plumbing contractors (or plumbers).

Do you need a license to work in Pennsylvania?

In addition to the application, all contractors in the state of Pennsylvania will need to take and pass a licensing exam to operate legally. Depending on the type of contractor you want to become, that will determine the exam you'll need to take.

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