Does A Landscape Contractor Build Decks?


Generally there are no restrictions on the height, size, or type of deck that a landscaping contractor can build, however certain structural work may be precluded. … This contractor also constructs wooden decks and related handrails.


Landscape Contractors: Specialties A landscape contractor can specialize in some or all of these areas: Design and Build: The contractor can design outdoor elements like decks, patios, swimming pools, or gazebos. Installation: This can range from installing plants for a homeowner to bigger projects, like pools, paths, water features, and walls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a contractor build a deck?

Decking - NSW If you want to build a timber or composite deck, materials alone will probably cost at least $1,000, so you will probably need to hire a licensed builder for your deck in NSW. ... The individual or company you contract to carry out the work will need to have a Contractor's Licence.

Is a deck considered landscaping?

Functions and materials. Wood or timber decking can be used in a number of ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend the living area of a house, and as an alternative to stone-based features such as patios. Decks are made from treated lumber, composite lumber, composite material, and aluminum.

Is landscaping considered contracting?

By definition, landscape contracting is, “a profession that involves the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, and maintenance and gardening; for garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability.

Who is the best contractor to build a deck?

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Adding a deck to your home can provide you with a space to socialize, relax and eat with friends and family.

What kind of work can a landscape contractor do?

Landscape contractors create or refurbish outdoor spaces by planting trees, flowers, lawns and shrubs, and constructing hard landscaping features, such as paths, patios or decks.

What should I do after building a deck?

There are also steps you can take after the deck is constructed including painting or staining. To make sure it is done correctly, hiring a local deck contractor in your area is often the best option. Looking for a deck builder near you?

Do you need a license to build a deck?

To build deck require knowledge, no license. If they have enough knowledge even you can build you own wood deck. I hope it helps.

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