Does A Heat Source Need To Be Present In Bathroom?


A lot of areas do not consider bathrooms habitable. The same goes for closets, hallways, utility rooms, and other spaces in the home. If it is not required in your area, and your bathrooms are not heated, you can consider using a space heater or other heating element for extra warmth.


You may need to add an extra source of heat into your bathroom, however, particularly if you want to keep it warmer than the rest of the house. Many people feel the need for a secondary heater in addition to the central heating in their bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a bedroom have to have heat?

Bedrooms must have some source to keep them warm, whether it's a heating unit, a radiator, or a vent from the furnace. It must be able to keep the room at 68 degrees. A space heater does not qualify as an acceptable heat source.

What does a bathroom heater do?

The primary purpose of a heater in the home is to help keep you warm when temperatures are low. Most bathroom heater fans use an infrared heat lamp that heats quickly and is ideal for heating small spaces such as bathrooms.

What should I consider when buying a bathroom heater?

If you have a large bathroom you should consider how effective the heater will be across the entire space. For smaller bathrooms you should look the option which takes up the least space. You also need to consider the usage of the bathroom.

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