Do You Need A Retaining Wall Landscape East & West?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What slope requires a retaining wall?

The slope of a Retaining Wall Regardless of the type of wall you use, the maximum slope of the soil should be no more than 35 degrees.

At what height do you need a retaining wall?

Los Angeles Rules for Retaining Wall Construction Anytime there needs to be a wall constructed that is over 4 ft. tall (including the blocks below the surface), you will need a permit for a retaining wall.

Where should retaining walls be placed?

Along with sloped landscapes where water runoff causes hillside erosion, ideal locations for a retaining wall system include spots downhill from soil fault lines and where the downhill side of a foundation is losing supporting soil or its uphill side is under pressure from sliding soil.

What can I use instead of a retaining wall?

  • Reinforced Soil Slopes. Reinforced soil slopes are a quick and easy construction style that uses a geotextile, such as polyethylene or polypropylene, to lock existing soil into place to create a reinforced mass. ...
  • Natural Stone Walls. ...
  • Wooden Timbers. ...
  • Gabion Walls. ...
  • Soil Bioengineered Walls.

Is it good idea to hire landscaper to build retaining wall?

Hiring an expert landscaper is a good idea because he understands the procedure and laws and regulations of retaining walls. These retaining walls look great on landscape of any size. They naturally mesh with any décor of your landscape. The only downfall is that most types of timber don’t last for a long time.

Do you need a building permit to build a retaining wall?

Depending on the wall’s height and your location, you may need a building permit to install a retaining wall. Check your local building codes and restrictions, as well as your homeowner's association (HOA) restrictions. Choose a DIY-friendly building material. Retaining walls can be made from wood, bricks, natural stones or concrete blocks.

How tall does a retaining wall need to be?

How tall is your wall? Most municipalities require a building permit and a design from a Licensed Engineer if your wall is taller than 4 feet high (measured from the bottom of the first block to the top of the last block). Will your retaining wall be terraced? A terraced wall can be tricky to build. There are a set of rules to follow.

Which is the best retaining wall in Sydney?

Other than being less expensive than concrete and brick, stone walls give your landscape a natural, classic and timeless look. These retaining walls are preferred by landscape professionals because there are many types of stone to choose from. In Sydney, you can easily find cheap granite and landscape rocks at low cost.

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