Do Theyvoffer Exterior Protectionvon A Lease?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a landlord enforce the terms of a lease?

A lease will also contain covenants which the landlord must comply with, and are therefore enforceable by the leaseholder. If a leaseholder has breached a lease covenant, the terms of the lease will often specify the available remedies.

Can a leasing company cancel a lease protection plan?

This hustle is despicable. Because in a lease contract, any lease protection plan cancellation returns the funds to the leasing company, not us. Now, the leasing company might be honest and return our money at the end of the lease. But they are under no contractual obligation to do so.

When do you have to leave a leasehold property?

They need to send you a formal written notice and get the court’s permission. You can usually end a lease by giving at least 1 month’s notice. The LAS has information about ending a lease. You don’t have to leave the property when the lease expires. In law, a lease is a tenancy and the leaseholder is a tenant.

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