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Frequently Asked Questions

Are faux wood shutters any good?

Durable and long lasting Shutters are extremely durable and long lasting. ... Faux wood shutters are an excellent choice when you need a solution that can resist the damaging effects of moisture. They are perfect for wet or humid environments like kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.

Can you paint shutters to look like cedar?

What's the best way to prep and paint new cedar shutters? A. ... After the shutters have thoroughly dried, prime them with a high-quality latex primer. Next, if you're top-coating in a light color, spray a very light fog coat of a stain-blocking alkyd primer on the front of the shutters.

Who makes the best exterior vinyl shutters?

These Are the Top 10 Best Exterior Shutter Companies & Websites to Buy Exterior Shutters Online

  • #1 Exterior Shutter Source. ...
  • #2 USA Exterior. ...
  • #3 The Shutter Store. ...
  • #4 Sunbelt Shutters. ...
  • #5 Exterior Solutions. ...
  • #6 Custom Shutter Company. ...
  • #7 Decorative Shutters. ...
  • #8 Larson Shutter Company.

How much do decorative outdoor shutters cost?

Exterior Shutter Costs Shutters are $30 to $1,600, depending on their style, material and size. Raised-panel vinyl sets are the most affordable at $25 to $450 while industrial roller security models are the most expensive at $1,200 each. Installation takes two to four hours at $65 to $100 per hour.

Is there such a thing as faux wood shutters?

The longevity of this faux wood material is priceless, without sacrificing the appearance of the real wood shutter. The custom exterior is manufactured in the USA and help bring style, charm, and value to the exterior of your home. The custom shutter is designed to fit your exact sizing and styling needs.

What kind of wood is used for shutters?

Board and batten shutters are another unique piece in the popular line of real wood decor. Installing shutters is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Constructed from planks of high-quality western red cedar, a species renowned for its naturally occurring resistance to moisture and decay.

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