Do Stones In Landscape Beds Keep Weeds From Growing?


Landscaping rock creates a low-maintenance ground cover that stays put, unlike lightweight mulch, which can blow away. The rock helps smother unwanted plant growth, but some stubborn weeds find a way to thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep weeds from growing in landscape rocks?

You can successfully banish weeds from landscaping rock by pulling them but who wants to mess with that? Instead, spray them with straight white vinegar. Be careful not to let the overspray reach your plants or grass, however, as it will kill them as well.

Will Stones prevent weeds from growing?

Like organic mulch, a 2-3” layer of stone is required to prevent weeds. Stone eventually works its way into landscape soil and is very difficult to remove when a landscape remodel is in order. Dust and dirt also settle between rocks that ultimately allow weed seeds to germinate.

Will weeds grow through stones?

White or clear plastic does not stop light getting through so won't kill weeds until the ground underneath completely dries out and this could take months. Therefore, if before it dries out the plastic gets pierced by the gravel (and it eventually will), the weeds will grow through.

How do you permanently stop weeds from growing?

Yes, vinegar does kill weeds permanently and is a viable alternative to synthetic chemicals. Distilled, white, and malt vinegar all work well to stop weed growth.

Why do you need to put stones under ground to keep weeds out?

Not only will it help reduce weed growth sprouting from the soil, but it also keeps the stones in place and prevents them from sinking into the soil. Without installing a barrier beneath the stones, you'll find you're constantly having to replenish the area with new stone, which can become labor-intensive and expensive.

Is it good to keep weeds out of rock beds?

Environmentally, it cuts down on water use and the need for mowing. Aesthetically, it creates a clean look that harmonizes with the natural landscapes of Northern Utah. And, if you can keep your rock beds weed-free, they will always look perfect with virtually no maintenance.

Why are there weeds in my flower bed?

Every time mulch is disturbed by raking and turning, you are re-planting weed seeds that have been laying dormant on the surface. The biggest mistake you can make is to rake the mulch in your beds. This gives weed seeds a chance to find a home underneath in the soil.

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