Do Rental Properties Need Handicap Accessible Bathrooms?


Generally, apartment communities must ensure the disabled can access rental offices, public restrooms and other areas used by residents or visitors. The rules, however, don’t apply directly to interiors of disabled tenants’ apartments in private residential communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do landlords have to provide disabled access?

Landlord Responsibilities when Renting to Disabled Tenants When renting to a disabled tenant, you are responsible for providing necessary, reasonable adaptations to make your property accessible and suitable to their individual needs. This can include additional services or equipment known as 'auxiliary aids'.

Does ADA apply to rental property?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, requires individuals with disabilities have equal opportunity access to public areas. Apartment and rental properties fall under this category.

What does the law say about disabled access?

The law requires reasonable adjustments by businesses – such as adapting premises, removing physical barriers or providing the service another way – so that disabled people can use the service.

Can a landlord refuse adaptations?

Permission from your landlord You must get your landlord's permission if you want to carry out disability-related adaptations or improvements. ... Your landlord can't refuse permission unreasonably but they can take into account things like: the length of your tenancy.

Do you have to have handicap access to your apartment?

Your landlord may have to comply with the federal requirements, depending on the type of apartment and the number of rental units in your building. This article will discuss the minimum requirements according to the Act. There has to be at least one entrance to the building on an accessible route.

Can you rent a apartment if you cant use the bathroom?

The landlord needs to make sure that the walls are reinforced so that it can bear your weight. If you cannot move around the kitchen or bathroom with a wheelchair, then it’s not usable. It’s a violation of the Act to rent a unit that doesn’t have a usable kitchen or bathroom.

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