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Trailer Leaf Springs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a trailer need leaf springs?

Trailer springs are essential part of trailer suspension and as we all know you cannot go anywhere without your springs.

Do all trailers have leaf springs?

Leaf spring axles come with the majority of Complete Trailers and have flat, curved leaves stacked on top of each other in several layers that are installed below the axle for the suspension system.

Do semi trailers have leaf springs?

These steel strips are referred to as a “leaf pack” and they attach to the frame of the trailer and rest above the axle. The semi-elliptic leaf springs cushion the semi-trailer's load from shock. But, spring suspension can result in a harsher ride than air ride suspension so it's not as common as air ride.

How much do trailer leaf springs cost?

Depending on the make and model of the truck and the number of leaves on a spring, a single leaf spring will generally cost anywhere from $69.99 to $149.99.

What kind of axle does a leaf spring trailer use?

A leaf spring trailer suspension is inexpensive and easy to maintain. The two main types of light trailer suspension are leaf spring and torsion axle. A torsion axle uses a two-piece square axle with rubber cords inside. This allows the axle to twist inside of itself acting as a spring.

Why do trailer springs have to be long?

It allows more motion with smaller forces. For trailers, a longer leaf spring length means the trailer doesn’t react as quickly to bumps, so it doesn’t jar as much. Longer springs spread forces more . With leaf springs, the load effectively divides from the axle so the front of the spring has half the load, and the rear has half.

When to replace leaf springs on boat trailer?

If the wear has moved through a bushing and had damaged a spring, the entire spring should be replaced. All trailer leaf springs are made of steel and they will eventually rust. This can be an issue with trailers used during winter months in states that use salt on the roads or especially on boat trailers used in salt water.

What kind of springs are on a boat trailer?

Any of these problems and issues we will cover can occur on Double Eye Springs, C-Hook (reverse curl) Springs, and Slipper Springs at any time. These types of leaf springs can be found on boat trailers, utility trailers, and enclosed trailer so make sure you check every trailer you may have to avoid suspension issues in the future.

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