Do Men (Or Boys) Actually Use The Fly On Their Underwear?


Fun fact, only about 20% of males who wear boxers actually use the hole in their boxers and would rather pull them down and take out their best friend when using the restroom. At this point, it’s become plain and obvious that the purpose of the fly on the boxer is to allow men to easily use the bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of men use their fly?

The Fly. Here's an interesting fact. Fewer than 20% of men actually use their fly. That's right; the majority of men simply go up and over.

Why is there a fly in mens underwear?

You'll Breathe Easier On a vertical fly, two panels of fabric mean double the insulation which can mean double the sweat. Heat rises, we all know that, but what most men don't know is that with a horizontal fly, heat simply wafts out the top of the fly, leaving you cool and comfortable.

Can flies pee?

Urea in mammals, uric acid in bugs. Uric acid is insoluble and tends to form a white paste or powder - it has the advantages of reducing water loss and, hence, reducing the need for water. So flies aren't peeing on you.

What does no fly underwear mean?

no-fly: The argument of whether or not men actuallyneed a fly on their underwear. The underwear as we know it is a modern innovation — a take on the "Mascul-line" jockeys of the 1930s mashed with the unspoken understanding of human biology and urinal etiquette.

Are there different types of fly in underwear?

Let us look at the aspects and compare the two respective fly styles available in styles such as men's brief underwear and men's boxer briefs . Men have been using the conventional fly for ages now and have dealt with its pros and cons. If you consider vertical fly to be perfect for easy access in the bathroom; it's time you think again.

Why are there no flies in boxer briefs?

Why would boxer briefs not come equipped with an easy-access portal to make a visit to a urinal quick and efficient, a luxury men have enjoyed for decades? Would underwear with a fly be the next casualty of 2016, alongside truth and Harambe? Turns out, there is no cause for alarm; flies are not going anywhere for the time being.

Do you use a vertical or horizontal fly on your underwear?

I've had undershorts with a horizontal fly, which is much easier to use, but you still have the vertical fly on your outerwear to deal with. Works well if you're just wearing sweats or something though. Ready for the next underwear question! , Cisman.

Why do guys change their underwear three times a day?

Guys don’t really want to have to change their underwear three times a day because of their activity.” Because they’re constructed with a pouch down in front, flyless styles tend to offer more support than those with a fly, making them an ideal choice to wear during physical activity.

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