Do Landscaping Rocks Help Drainage?


Landscaping gravel works hard. Using it for drainage and structural support is a smart and eco-friendly way to create driveways, pipe bedding, and water management that’s rock solid. And it even works for more decorative functions, like flower beds and pathways.


If you have a basement, for example, proper drainage surrounding your home can help keep water from leaking into your basement and damaging your belongings. One way to ensure that water drains away from your home is by landscaping in a strategic manner. By utilizing rocks for drainage, you can keep water away from your foundation and your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of rock is best for drainage?

For the best drainage, look for coarse washed rock (gravel) that is screened, with a stone size of 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Smaller rock with fine particles could clog the holes of the drain pipe. Pea stone works, but the smooth stones settle together and don't move as much water as coarse rock.

Do landscape rocks absorb water?

Unlike asphalt or concrete driveways, gravel will not crack or sink under heavy loads of traffic. It also allows water to absorb into the ground below it, which will prevent runoff.

Is it true that rocks can improve soil drainage?

Some people believe that adding rocks to the bottom of your plant pots can improve soil drainage, but science suggests otherwise. John Mahoney / Canwest News Service Share this Story: Garden Hits & Myths: Can rocks really aid soil drainage? When water is poured onto a pile of rocks, it drains through almost instantaneously.

What can drain rock be used for in a garden?

Additionally, drain rock can provide a base layer for garden beds that prevents roots from becoming over-hydrated. Though a simple tool, drain rock is surprisingly useful. From gardening to construction, crafters of all kinds value its ability to divert and control the flow of water.

Why do you use rocks in your yard?

One of the benefits of using rocks for yard drainage is that they not only serve a practical purpose, but they can make your yard aesthetically pleasing as well. Using rocks, water can be directed towards ditches, for example, that are landscaped as swales and resemble creeks or meadows.

When to use rocks to keep water away from your home?

Be sure to only use rocks for drainage if your soil slopes away from your home’s foundation. If your home is situated in the direction of water flow, keeping rocks at your home’s foundation will do little to help as the water will have nowhere to flow.

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