Do Landscaping Companies In New Mexico Need A Business License?


As a landscaper, you won’t need a state license to work in New Mexico, although you may need a local license. However, you will need a commercial applicator license if you apply pesticides as part of your landscaping or lawn care business. The license is awarded by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.


The business license You may or may not need a license if you are a landscaping entrepreneur (specifically for landscaping), but something you will need is a business license. A business license is something that any and all businesses need, like the little kid and the lemonade stand we mentioned earlier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does New Mexico require a business license?

Do I Need to Get a New Mexico Business License? The short answer is typically you may not , but only because there is no general New Mexico state business license. Rather, each local city or municipality is responsible for issuing licenses and permits you need in order to do your job.

How much does a business license cost in New Mexico?

Local business licenses typically cost $35 per year. New Mexico municipalities and most counties require that businesses within their jurisdiction become licensed. Obtain necessary permits or certifications.

How to get a business license in New Mexico?

Those wishing to do business within the State of New Mexico will be required to register their business with the Secretary of State, obtain a CRS ID number, and prove that they have workers’ compensation insurance. Anybody wishing to do business in the State of New Mexico must obtain an New Mexico Business License.

Do you need a contractor license in New Mexico?

New Mexico does not accept license from other states. The state of New Mexico requires all electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work to be performed by or executed under the supervision of an individual who holds a journeyman certificate in the relevant classification. Therefore all projects must involve a certified journeyman under New Mexico law.

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