Do Landscapers Do Bush Removal?


Bush removal is normally handled by a landscaping company or tree service. After the bushes are removed, they can also help your re-landscape the space with new trees, plants, or bushes.


In short, yes landscapers do trim small trees and bushes, but their main job is things like laying turf/ sod, fencing, retaining walls, paving and other works that enhance the hardscape of your yard. You would need to contact a tree cutting service near you if you were looking to get a tree larger than 15ft high trimmed or removed.

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Do it Yourself – Shrub Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Bush removal cost?

Size and Cost Contractors who remove shrubs will either charge by the hour or by the size of the shrub. Hourly rate runs between $25 to $75 depending on your location. Cost per small shrub is $15 to $40. Cost per medium shrub is $40 to $75, and cost per large shrub is $75 to $150.

What kind of company removes shrubs?

Shrub Pruning & Removal In Your Area

  • Bama's Tree Care, Inc. 4.6. ...
  • Bay Area Tree Specialists. 4.5. ...
  • Leon Gardening Services - Unlicensed Contractor. 4.7. ...
  • Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals. 4.6. ...
  • Golden Oaks Tree Services, Inc. 4.8. ...
  • GreenWorld. 4.8. ...
  • Sagrero Tree Service. 5.0. ...
  • Pablo Cuenca Landscaping LLC-Unlicensed Contractor. 4.5.

How do I get rid of landscaping bushes?


  1. Use bypass loppers to cut away smaller branches around outer portion of shrub.
  2. Cut through thick branches deep inside of the shrub with a chainsaw.
  3. Dig around base of shrub with pointed shovel.
  4. Cut through roots at base of stump with a garden mattock.
  5. Pull stump from hole.

How do you get rid of old bushes?

5:537:35How to Remove Old Established Shrubs (Digging Out Well Anchored ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd put a little bit of pressure on it don't use your card actually snatch it out of the ground cuzMoreAnd put a little bit of pressure on it don't use your card actually snatch it out of the ground cuz a lot of times you'll break the top of the plant off.

When is the best time to remove shrubs?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove old, underperforming plants in order to make way for newer, more successful ones. Older shrubs can also look unsightly, so it's best to clear them out as soon as they are past their best.

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