Do It Yourself Exterior House Design?


There are a few possible approaches here:

  • Let the loose lines you’ve created completely define the house exterior.
  • Pick a given house exterior shape that you like, then modify your bubble lines to fit within that shape.
  • A combination of the two above. Consider the loose bubbles you’ve created. Determine which of the various house shapes…

Creative DIY ideas That Will Take Your Home To The Next Level

Creative DIY Ideas That Will Take Your Home To The Next Level ▶7

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with hover for interior design?

Using HOVER, you can test out different housing materials on a 3D model of your house, allowing you to visualize the end results. Our materials library contains a plethora of manufacturers, materials, and paint colors to suit different house exterior renovation projects that can be used by homeowners and contractors.

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