Do It Yourself Concrete Landscape Edging?



  • Create your plan of where the edging will be in your landscaping and layout your plan with string.
  • Remove the dirt from your layout 4" deep.
  • Create your concrete form using a 1/4" or 1/2" board and wooden stakes.
  • Pour 1/2" of gravel into the form.
  • Place concrete into forms.
  • Let the concrete cure for about 3 days.
  • Remove the forms and fill in the gaps with dirt.

Concrete Border! Increase curb appeal and mow easy! Installing Concrete curbing

How to Make a Concrete Landscape Curb

How to Build Concrete Lawn Borders

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do concrete edging yourself?

5:057:26How to Build Concrete Lawn Borders - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWork the mix back and forth across the surface of the concrete to remove excess concrete and smoothMoreWork the mix back and forth across the surface of the concrete to remove excess concrete and smooth the surface. Then using an edging tool consolidate. And shape the edges of the border.

What type of concrete is used for edging?

Concrete borders are also very versatile and can be designed and built to match any landscape contour and they will last for years. Fiber-reinforced, QUIKRETE® Crack Resistant Concrete is the ideal product for the job and for a personal touch add one of five QUIKRETE® Liquid Cement Colors to the mix.

What can I use for concrete edging in my yard?

Other concrete edging options include using preformed concrete. Making one on your own will guarantee that your neighbor does not have the same one. It is easy to install on in your own yard as well. You will just need to dig, frame, mix and pour. Use stakes and string to mark your area.

What's the difference between do it yourself edging and curb it yourself?

Unlike traditional do it yourself edging that is square, choppy, or flimsy, the Curb It casts concrete and allows you to make it as you need it and will conform to any desired curve or length.

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