Do Ferns Do Well In Bathrooms?


Ferns are a great option for your bathroom, especially varieties like the bird’s nest fern. … For this plant, high humidity is key, so your bathroom is basically the perfect location for it. They will also tolerate low light, but will do even better in a medium to bright indirect light location.


Many ferns make great houseplants. Most can handle the temperature fluctuations in a bathroom, and they love the humidity. Some can even be grown right in a shower stall, where they are regularly soaked.

Do Ferns Like Sun or Shade?

#Short#Fern good to put in the bathroom.

Maidenhair fern care | Not that difficult

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ferns good in the shower?

Ferns have shed their Victorian association and are ready for new, wild adventures, like an in-shower placement. The filtered light and humidity of a shower will remind your ferns of their prior lives in the forest and keep them green, growing and happy.

Do ferns like humidity?

Ferns, many of which are native to the tropics, like high humidity, which is why they do well in bathrooms. But you also can increase humidity around the ferns by placing the pots on a pebble-lined tray.

Can I put a Boston fern in the bathroom?

Boston Fern The Boston fern hails from the sub-tropical and tropical rainforest, making it an ideal plant for a warm and wet bathroom. Ferns do, however, need a good amount of indirect or filtered light; too much direct light will burn the leaves, while no light will retard growth and cause the plant to yellow.

Can a Boston fern grow in a windowless bathroom?

Conditions in the windowless bathroom, such as artificial light, high humidity, and cool surrounding, are all favorable for Boston fern’s growth. However, keep it near a sunlight source regularly. 8.

Where is the best place to plant ferns?

Ferns love humidity and can therefore do quite well in kitchens and bathrooms. If you prefer to place them elsewhere in the house, keep them away from fans and vents. They can also benefit from being near a room humidifier and from regular watering with a good misting every few days.

What's the best thing to plant in a bathroom?

Ferns do best in bathrooms with low light, such as those with south or east-facing windows. Place a potted fern in the corner of your bathroom or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, hang your fern right over the shower itself.

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