Do Exterior Window Sills Need Contrasting Trim?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does exterior window trim have to match?

Should Their Colors Match? Generally, experts suggest using contrasting colors for the sash and the trim to make your home's curb appeal more interesting. This is also especially recommended for tall or large homes as it helps break up the facade and create a more balanced look.

Why is it important to have window sill and trim?

The trim and sill design helps the windows stand out from the rest of the exterior look. The trim and sill also prevents moisture and insect penetration into the window’s opening. The sill is one of the first places to come into prolonged contact with moisture at the window base.

Which is the best material to use for window sills?

Masonry and commercial application use metal around windows and for sill material. . The most commonly use material is wood. Wood sills can definitely match the trim used on the rest of the exterior. Cedar is often used for exterior trim. It naturally resists moisture-related rot as well as insect activity.

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