DIY garden decorations

The owners of a piece of land always strive to make it look good by adding a piece of themselves. The garden or is the main place to stay during the warmer months and a space for snowy fun in winter. Despite the fact that we are accustomed to considering flowers, trees, lawns and other plants as decoration and decorative element of landscape design, sometimes they themselves need decoration or composition with other types of exposition.

Here are some of the funniest and amazing garden landscaping ideas.

Flower beds

Bright toy gnomes lurk among the tall stems of roses. All the beauty and value of such crafts lies in the fact that large investments are not needed to create them. From the handy items that have long been asking for the trash – frayed tires, plastic bottles, old logs – you will definitely find in the pantry. But even if you do not have deposits of such trifles, in any case, if you wish, you can always find plenty of interesting solutions.


To prevent the blooming flower beds being decorated with neat gnomes, and the fence consists of old faceless boards, you need to take care of this detail as well. The fence can be landscaped with ivy or roses, and the whole fence can be painted in a bright color or painted with patterns. The choice of patterns depends on your artistic preference. These can be figures of people, animals, teenage graffiti, Provence print or Picasso geometry.

Swing and hammock

A swing is not only a guarantee of a joyful rest for children, but also an aesthetic decor item in the garden. The simplest and most familiar solution to many is a tire swing tied to a tree or a small board on ropes. You can also build a hammock, for this you only need a dense one-piece fabric or rope.

The main thing to consider is the strength of the tree to which the structure will be attached, because even if you’ll make a decorative swing or hammock, someone, of course, will want to hang on it.

Pond and pool

A pond is the best decoration for a garden. If the groundwater is close to the surface of the earth, it will occupy an area that is not suitable for planting. The finished reservoir is a real field for creativity. You can put fish, a floating flower bed and other ecological accessories into it. If you already have a pool, but you are not using it, you can transform it into a real lake by planting grass around the perimeter.

Eco garden accessories

Just imagine, how many wonderful products can be made from plastic bottles! Even a zoo! And as a decoration, they will last a long time, and do not require special storage conditions. Stones, gravel, shells – all these are integral parts of animals that can become “evergreen” guests of your garden. Glue and paints (available at any store) will help you create great DIY products.


For a garden with a large area, you will have to take care of sources of artificial lighting in several places. Even if you love islands of light, add at least a minimum of light to every corner of your garden for comfort. Street lights will look good next to the gazebo. You can also make a plafond for lampposts and hanging lanterns with your own hands. If you are a man, cut a lantern of the desired shape out of plywood and attach it. If you are a woman, take a ready-made lantern and decorate it to your liking according to the colors of your garden. It will also perfectly complement the decor “crickets” or lamps on the lawn.

What to be in winter?

All of these ideas are universal for each season, so you don’t have to worry about the stone hedgehog running away and the light bulbs freezing from the frost. And even so, it will always be possible to reproduce them and create others from scrap materials.

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