Decoration of a flowerbed by handmade

Well-groomed flowerbeds and lawns, accurately cut bushes and trees on the garden site are an ideal picture of which each gardener dreams. But here specifically the flowerbed is intended for decoration of all site and a raising of mood during the whole warm season. For its creation it is necessary to spend a lot of time, patience and creative imagination, but the result will be worth it. Such flower fragrant island of the nature it will become obligatory pride of her creators and will cause admiration in visitors.

Creation and decoration of a flowerbed the hands

Choice of the place

First of all it is necessary to pick up the site for a flowerbed construction. It is necessary to treat this procedure with heavy responsibility as the splendor of blossoming of plants will depend on the place. A flowerbed it is possible to arrange on the open solar site or penumbral. It is desirable that the sunlight lit the site as long as possible, but not less than 2-3 clocks a day. The shadow site is not recommended to be chosen because the majority of the blossoming plants needs a large number of a sunlight for full and high-quality development.

Requirements to the soil

Plentiful blossoming of plants on a flowerbed directly depends on nutritiousness of the soil on it. Therefore the earth is necessary fertile, friable, with good access of oxygen and water penetration. Roots of plants have to receive all necessary nutrients therefore before landing of the blossoming plants (approximately in 1,5-2 months) it is recommended to dig over the chosen site, adding to a soil when redigging organic top dressing.

Flowerbed form and content


Each owner can think up a form of future flowerbed on the discretion, depending on his imagination, the site size. But here it is good to think over in advance its such arrangement that it was convenient to look after plants. In addition after all the most important is the maintenance of a flowerbed. Here it is already worth taking care of each detail and a trifle, to choose and buy only the essentialest plants. It is important to consider time and terms of their life and the periods of blossoming, ways of manifolding and change, decorative qualities, features of leaving and contents.

On a flowerbed it is possible to plant annual and perennial plants as that and others have advantages. For example, at planting of flowers – coevals every year the flowerbed will change and look in a new way. Besides annual plants have more long period of blossoming. Merit of perennials is simpler leaving, but here the attention is necessary for them the regular. Flowers – perennials through the particular period need to be replaced as they quickly expand and grow old.

If the flowerbed is supposed to be placed on the open solar site and intensive irradiating during the day, then and flowers need to be picked up corresponding to this moment. Camomiles, irises, roses, dahlias, peonies and lilies belong to photophilous plants. These perennials blossom long and are perfectly combined with many fellows.

It is possible to make plantings many-tier of dwarfish, average on height and tall copies. For example, in the foreground, on edge of a flowerbed pochvopokrovny types and grades perfectly look. They are decoration of a flowerbed not only during blossoming, but also after its termination as creep the dense saturated green rug all summer on the ground.

On a flowerbed of the larger sizes it is possible to plant even flowers which reach in height of 1,5-2 m. On a background they will ideally look. If the area of a handmade flower flowerbed small then it is necessary to plant the flowers reaching in height of 50-60 cm.

If at the choice of plants to consider time of blossoming of each of them, then the flowerbed constantly, till latest fall will blossom and smell sweet. For example, such spring flowers as tulips, narcissuses and crocuses are pleasing to the eye short time. Already approximately in a month the site will lose the appeal. It is possible to plant after the end of their blossoming other plants (one-year) – barkhatets, petunias, ???????? or tsinniya. These types keep the decorative effect to the first frosts.

For a flowerbed in the shady place a long-term fern, an astilba, a host, a barvinok, a lily of the valley, a buzulnik and annual forget-me-nots, pansies is recommended. They are unpretentious in leaving, perfectly look on the site all summer months and everything that it is necessary for them, it is plentiful daily watering.

Care of a flowerbed on the seasonal dacha


Basic care behind a flowerbed consists in the following:

  • The regular and well-timed watering.
  • Loosening of the soil and removal of weeds.
  • Cutting of deflowered plants and faded buds.
  • Importation nutrition and fertilizers.

All these actions promote maintaining decorative qualities, the magnificent and long-lived period of blossoming, providing with a necessary delivery and resistance to wreckers and diseases. One of main in high-quality leaving is the well-timed importation of fertilizers necessary for plants. It is recommended to apply complex mineral top dressing with all important minerals not less than two times a month at an interval of 15 days.

With creative thinking and huge desire even the most routine flowerbed can become the real masterpiece. For a start, for creation of original flower composition, will be enough and one square meter of the earth.

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