Country house interior design

Country house has always been perceived as a place where you can come exclusively in the summer, spending time in the garden beds to grow a rich harvest or caring for grandchildren by grandparents. Nowadays country house is a great place for a good outdoor recreation, both alone and with family or/and friends. Board games, cozy evenings by the fireplace or on the veranda – all this gives a person incomparable pleasure. Most of these benefits are due to interior and exterior design.

In this post, we will take a look at the interior design of a cool country house.

The arrangement and design of the interior of a modern country house is very important for your mood and comfort. At the same time, creating it is not difficult at all, even with a limited budget. A beautiful and comfortable interior space helps a person to escape from everyday life, especially if this is not the only place of residence for you. A change of scenery is one of the most powerful mood transformers, in a positive way.

The interior of a country house should not be similar to the interior of urban housing, because it reminds you city life and daily work. Calm light tones and all shades of natural wood are a great option for decoration, and textile decor can be bright – pillows, curtains, tablecloths and all kinds of rugs. Even if there is only one room in the house, the kitchen area and seating area should be allocated.

Paintings and reproductions that no longer hang in a city apartment will wonderfully decorate the walls of a country house. A kind of nostalgia will add even more warm sensations. Nothing else disposes to a comfortable rest, like a live fire, an armchair and a soft blanket.

If vintage elements are used in the interior, then you should not overload the space with them. It just so happened that something that is not used in a city apartment comes to a country house, but it is a pity to throw it away. The main enemy of a beautiful country house is trash! It is necessary to clearly draw the boundaries between thematic decor from old items and clutter, i.e. even a modern country house on the outside will look careless and dull on the inside.

The furniture must be approached especially carefully. The ideal option is to equip the country house with new high-quality furniture. We just talked about how you can decorate a house using old things, but furniture is an exception. It is a guarantor of your comfort during rest and activity. Therefore, all the legs of the sofas must be in good working order, and the glass of the sideboard must be free from cracks.

Rarity is back

Oh sorry. New doesn’t mean just bought in a store. A small restoration in the form of repairing parts, painting, upholstery with fabric will completely change the look of old chairs, armchairs and cabinets. Most of the work can be done independently. It will be a great experience for the whole family.

Dishes from your childhood are also suitable for use in a country house. If it is clay, ceramics or glass with traditional ornament (as well as samovars and armuds), it will add an unforgettable mood from one cup of tea or a bowl of soup. Antique clock, wicker chair – attributes that will help to recreate a retro atmosphere.

Outside complements Inside

Decorating the interior of a country house, it is also important not to forget about the veranda that greets you and your guests. Here you can put just a table with chairs or a sofa, which will be a continuation of the style of your interior decoration.

Remember that a country house is a place where you come to relax not only with your body, but also with your soul, and recharge yourself with new energy. Therefore, fill it only with the most noteworthy items, even if they were bought in the last century.

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