Children’s room design

Arranging a children’s room is a very difficult and responsible task. The child’s room is his own little universe. It is important to listen to your baby, because the little owner will spend a lot of time here. It is necessary to create a space in which it will be interesting for him to grow and develop, to know this world and himself. A child always wants to become an adult as soon as possible, so you need to give him the opportunity to feel independent. Let him be allowed a little more in the nursery than in the other rooms of the apartment.

Children love to build houses and huts from the available items. You can create a sleeping place in which they will be like in a house. For a girl, this option is a canopy design.

Children love to do everything on a grand scale, so it is necessary to allocate large spaces for creativity. Scrapbook – this is not enough – give an entire wall covered with magnetic slate paint. Your child will be able to glue magnets on it, draw with chalk, make appliqués out of paper and cardboard. On such a wall, you can arrange an exhibition or a board of the schedule and important things for the day. Any kid will like this idea, because now they will finally be allowed to draw right on the walls!

To awaken your child’s love of reading, you can attach an open bookshelf next to the child’s bed. Do not hang it too high, otherwise it will be difficult for the baby to reach it. It is also best to make the shelf rounded to avoid the risk of sharp corners. You can use soft toys as a book holder – let the child choose which ones.

Children’s room is a very special place in every home. It should contain more than just a bed and a wardrobe. The ideal nursery should have at least 4 zones.

  1. Storage area – put clothes, toys, hobby materials, books and other property of children.
  2. Zone for games – a space designed for playing with toys, friends, cartoon characters.
  3. Place for study – the desk and office supplies should always be at hand.
  4. Sleeping area – the most peaceful space in the house. Here there is only a room for bedding and a favorite doll, aka Teddy bear without which the baby cannot sleep.

If space permits, then zoning can be done using partitions (from drywall) or movable items (screens, shelves, hangers). For owners of miniature children’s, zoning is carried out using light or color. Lighting in a child’s room should be unobtrusive and uniform.

Wide windows, bright lamps and furniture in soothing colors will help to ensure that there are no dark areas in the room. A properly selected headset is not only joy and comfort, but also the health of the baby.

What should not be in the children’s room?

There are many decorative elements and interior items that should not be in the children’s room in order to preserve the physical and mental well-being of the child and his normal development. Here some of them.

  • Gadgets – everyone is well aware of the influence of electromagnetic radiation emitted by gadgets. But along with it, there is also such a factor as addiction to them in children, which can have negative consequences for the psyche and development of the child.
  • Plants and Animals – animals can injure and become a source of diseases (including infectious ones), and plants are deprived of oxygen at night and can also become a source of reproduction for insects and microbes.
  • Candles and other sources of open fire – even adults sometimes drop candles, and sometimes soft breeze becomes a reason of turning from wick into a flame from the window. Literally, games with fire can be fatal here.

Take care of your children by creating a small space of happiness, safety and joy.

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