Can You Use Interior Primer Under Exterior Paint?


You should not use interior primer outside. Interior primer is not made to survive the elements of the outside. Exterior primer is made to last in the temperature changes, weather changes, and other outside elements. Exterior paint will look great and last way longer if there is a primer added first.


It is technically possible to paint an interior paint over an exterior paint. However, the binding process will be poor unless a primer is used first. This is a lot of work for a paint layer that won’t hold up to the outside elements for any length of time. Outside or inside, what’s the difference with paint?

Priming Fresh Drywall and Wall Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to use primer to cover stains?

You’re covering stains - The first step is always to find the origin of the stain and get to the root of the problem. If the issue has been corrected but you now have a blemish to cover, we recommend using primer. It provides the kind of coverage and blocking power needed to make sure it doesn’t begin to show through your beautiful new paint.

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