Can You Use Exterior Latex Paint On Stucco?


Based on the texture, most stucco paint is best applied using a professional airless sprayer and backrolled with a medium nap roller. Actually, choosing the best stucco paint is often not that hard. Over 80% of the time you will want to use acrylic latex exterior paint.


According to Benjamin Moore Paints, most exterior acrylic latex paint will work on various exterior surfaces, including stucco, wood siding, fiber cement and brick. Though increasingly less used, true exterior enamel is an oil-based paint that requires turpentine or mineral spirits for clean-up. Can You Use Exterior Paint Indoors?

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How to Paint Stucco

How to paint new stucco faster. The best way to paint exterior stucco.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is exterior latex paint breathable?

Just look for "100 percent acrylic latex" on the label. You'll be getting a paint that remains flexible, breathable, and colorfast far longer than paints made with vinyl resins or acrylic blends. And because it adheres tenaciously to most surfaces, you can use it with confidence on wood, vinyl, metal, and masonry.

What makes stucco stick to a painted surface?

Stucco is a plaster comprised of water and cement that provides an alternative to painted exteriors. Concrete bonding agents are necessary for the stucco to stick to the surface, otherwise the plaster will chip or flake off of the surface.

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