Can You Tie In New Bathroom To Existing Plumbing?


If your remodel includes installation of a new bathroom, you’ll have to install plumbing, but unlike new construction, a remodel involves adapting to existing plumbing. … Make sure it can handle the supply and waste demands of the new bathroom.


To tie a master bathroom sink into the vent system, simply connect a 3 1/2″ Y with a 45-degree bend on it to the 3″ vent pipe. Afterward, install a 1 1/2″ branch arm for the bathroom sink. To tie a tee into an existing plumbing line, first, mark the PVC pipe where you want to cut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tie into existing plumbing?

The most common way to connect a new drain, vent, or supply line to an existing line is to install a tee fitting. To do so, shut off water to existing supply pipes and drain the lines. Flush all toilets and caution others not to use drains.

How do you attach a new toilet to an existing soil pipe?

The most simple way to connect a waste pipe to an existing soil pipe is to install a 'strap on boss' (pictured at the top of the article) to make a watertight connection. Simply cut a hole in the soil pipe and place the strap around the exterior of the pipe.

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