Can You Restain Exterior Brick?


As long as the brick is structurally sound and the surface isn’t painted, one of the best ways to give it a design refresh is to stain it. Learn how to give your fireplace, exterior wall, or other brick surface a new life with brick stain.


Another reason why people stain their exterior brick walls is to cut the future cost. Here, you need to know that once stained, a brick surface usually does not require any special maintenance. Besides, the stained effect itself can generally stay for quite a long time, which is usually at least five years.

Staining vs Painting brick

Your Brick Staining Questions Answered by Home Painters Toronto


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you refinish exterior brick?

The simplest way to refinish a brick surface is to clean it. Efflorescence, which appears as a white chalky coating, is caused by mineral salts in the mortar leaching to the surface of the brick. ... Leave it to dry on the brick, and then brush it off.

Does staining brick last?

If you go with stain, it rarely fades over time as the stain basically becomes a part of the brick. Stain doesn't simply cover the brick like a paint does, but it fully adheres and becomes a permanent fixture. Brick paint is ultimately almost always easier and cheaper to clean than untreated brick.

Is staining bad for brick?

Building a brick house comes with a wide range of benefits and staining the brick will only prolong its durability. Staining your brick will maintain the natural integrity of the brick and allow it to keep its texture and look.

What to do if you can't remove sealant from brick?

If during the first step above, you discover you cannot remove the sealant prior to applying stain, painting the brick may be your only option. A brick surface that will not release the sealant simply will not absorb a stain.

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