Can You Put Plumbing On Exterior Walls?


Installing pipes in exterior walls should be avoided. … Air-sealing the wall cavity will help prevent cold air from flowing around the pipes and causing freeze problems. All hot and cold water supply pipes should be insulated, which can save energy by minimizing heat loss through the piping.


Yes, plumbing CAN be placed on exterior walls. However, it is NOT recommended. This includes any waste and venting pipes, as well as main waterlines. When placed on an exterior wall, any of these may freeze, especially if it’s a water line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put insulation behind shower walls?

The insulation behind the tub or shower should be equivalent to the insulation in the rest of the exterior walls and should be covered with an air barrier of cement backer board, rigid foam insulation, or non-paper-faced drywall that is sealed at the edges and seams to provide a continuous air seal.

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