Can You Put Landscape Fabric Over Tree Roots?


Say “no” to landscape fabric. There are those who nonchalantly roll out landscape fabric over tree and shrub roots with hopes of suppressing weeds. … Landscape fabric prevents any organic material from working its way into the soil and it could also assist in girdling the tree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to put landscape fabric around trees?

Most gardeners agree that the best place for landscape fabric is around shrubs and trees where it can be installed and topped with quality mulch to hopefully last for years. Because it's intended to be left in place, it's not recommended for vegetable gardens or annual flower beds.

Is it OK to cover exposed tree roots?

Do make the area of mulch as large as it needs to be to completely cover the exposed roots, even if that means covering an area of lawn. It's healthier for a tree to be surrounded by mulch than by grass. Don't pile mulch against the bark of a tree; that can lead to rot or disease. Always spread it evenly.

Will covering tree roots kill tree?

Chances are you've thought about removing the roots altogether. Bad news, though. Pruning these roots often makes the tree unstable or unhealthy–and if done wrong, can kill the tree. ... Instead of cutting exposed tree roots, try covering them.

What's the best way to cover tree roots?

Though there are some risks. Gravel can compact the soil and heat up the ground in summer, which causes problems. If you want to go with gravel anyway, cover the roots with landscape fabric and spread no more than two inches of gravel for the best results. Learn why mulching above-ground tree roots is best.

Can you put landscape fabric under a raised bed?

Landscape fabric under a raised bed will slow them down, but not stop them. A solid bottom with no cracks will work, but putting a tall raised bed on tree roots harms the tree. Reply Mike Grexsays: December 16, 2020 at 7:01 am

Is it OK to put plastic sheeting around trees?

DON’T use solid plastic sheeting under rocks. Plastic landscape sheeting creates an impermeable barrier between the rocks and the soil. While this helps prevent weeds from growing between the rocks, it can damage trees, blocking oxygen and water from reaching the roots.

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