Can You Put An Outlet In A Toiler Only Bathroom?


It does not require a separate circuit for each bathroom. … One circuit may supply multiple bathrooms as long as only bathroom receptacles are supplied. Lighting outlets or receptacle outlets in other rooms may not be supplied by this circuit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an electrical outlet near a toilet?

Yes, you can put a outlet anywhere you want near a toilet. It must be GFCI protected since it's in a bathroom and near water.

How far does an outlet have to be from a toilet?

This often requires a electrical outlets within 4 feet of the toilet. Here are some things to think about when it comes to bathroom outlets and electrical bidet toilet seats.

Is there an electrical outlet near the toilet?

I'm considering installing an outlet on the far side of the bathroom which will be near a toilet. There's an existing GFCI outlet near the sink area. I'd like to run a line from the load of that GFCI to the new outlet. Do I need to have a second GFCI because it'll be within a couple feet of the toilet?

Can you put an outlet in the floor of a bathroom?

Not only can you install an outlet in the floor, you can add multiple outlets that pop up when you need them and lie flat when you don’t so they won’t obstruct foot traffic. Need a little light at night for those midnight bathroom visits?

Do you have to have a toilet in your bathroom?

Here’s what to consider when deciding which option is best for your needs and preferences. In this configuration, you’ll have a bathroom with a shower, vanity and any other upgrades you choose. The toilet will be in a separate, small room, typically just off the main bathroom.

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