Can You Paint Exterior Stone On House?


Brightening the appearance of a stone house facade is as simple as painting it. Special masonry paint bonds with stone and mortar, and it creates a weather-blocking layer that can help seal out moisture. Before painting, thoroughly clean the rock facade and let it dry.


The exterior of your home is most attractive, and I love the way the stone on the house picks up the stone in your front fence. The white / grey / charcoal look may be appealing now, but it will date and if you decide you want a different look it will be almost impossible to remove the paint from the stonework [so, yes, stone can be painted].

Better Stone Painting – Advanced Technique for Stone, Bricks, & Tile Terrain

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint natural stone?

Since natural stone is porous, you can avoid the paint from soaking in too much by using a spray bottle to lightly mist your surface. While you don't have to prime your stone, you should use an acrylic latex primer, especially if you're using a lighter color to cover up a darker stone.

Can I paint stone?

If you're looking to freshen up a stone feature but don't want to deal with construction and masonry work, consider a coat of stone paint. With the right preparation and the right tools, stone painting isn't complicated at all, and a fresh coat of paint against the texture of stone can give a room an entirely new look.

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