Can You Have Washing Machine In Bathroom Uk?


In many parts of the US and Europe washing machines are placed in the bathroom or separate utility rooms but in most British homes they are generally found in the kitchen. This is due to the fact most bathrooms could not fit a washing machine and there are no electrical sockets in the bathroom in the UK.


When it comes to installing a washing machine in a bathroom, the are a few things to bare in mind. In the UK, due to strict building regulations, plug sockets can’t be fitted in the bathroom unless they are at least three metres from the bath or shower. Shave-supply units are an exception due to their lower voltage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a washing machine in a bathroom?

a washing machine is allowed in a bathroom as long as the manufacturer (of the machine) says its ok in a bathroom! it MUST be fitted to a fused connection unit (in laymans terms, it looks like the connection for your boiler - a wire from the boiler, hardwired into the wall. inside that little box is a fuse).

Is it weird to have washer and dryer in bathroom?

The bathroom is no longer just the place for personal hygiene. Should your bathroom be large enough, it can be a favorable spot for relocating your washer and dryer. ... Benefits of having a washer and dryer in the bathroom include being able to rinse clothes in the sink and hang wet clothes in the shower.

Can we keep washing machine in small bathroom?

So while it might be tricky, that doesn't rule out the bathroom as a new home for your washing machine completely. Lauren Clark,'s large appliance trading director, says: 'To squeeze more storage space into kitchens, it's possible to put a washing machine in a bathroom.

Can you put a tumble dryer in a bathroom UK?

securespark. Dingbat is right. If you have a bathroom big enough (and some houses do, with converted bedrooms) you can site an appliance in zone 3 wired thro' a fused spur protected by an RCD, and this would be fine. Outside the zones too would be fine.

Can a tumble dryer be installed in a bathroom?

" IEE Electricians Guide to the Building Regulations page 62, Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers may be installed in a Bathroom provided thet are: Installed outside zones 0,1 and 2. Supplied by a switched fused flex outlet (Sockets not allowed) installed outside zones 0,1 and 2. Protected by a 30mA RCD is advised but not a requirement.

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