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Do Bullfrog Spas have lights?

The A Series, R Series and STIL spas each feature a premium interior lighting package with lighted water feature, filter area and center logo light to enhance your nighttime spa experience. A Series spas additionally feature lighted cup holders and surround lighting to set just the right mood.

Are Bullfrog spas worth the money?

Bullfrog Spas are worth the money because their hot tubs have many unique features that make them more economical to run. ... Bullfrog Spas make a mid to high-range hot tub at reasonable prices, and they always show up as a top ten buy in many polls. Most review websites list them among the Top 5 hot tub manufacturers.

How long will a Bullfrog spa last?

between 15 to 25 yearsHow long do Bullfrog Spas last? If maintained properly, Bullfrog Spas last anywhere between 15 to 25 years.

What makes the Bullfrog your series hot tub so special?

Built to the same exacting standards of our premium spas, the R Series allows you to create a customized spa experience packed with value. Each R Series spa model features the JetPak Therapy System with JetPaks in several seat locations for a top quality hot tub experience fit to your life and budget.

How big is the smallest Bullfrog hot tub?

The smallest spa in the series is the rectangular Model X5L, which fits 3 in a hot tub with a lounger plus 2 seats. It measures 5'8" x 7" x 31" and comes equipped with 24 spa jets and a 2.5 HP spa pump. Model X6R is a 6'7" round spa that sits up to 5 adults in open bench seating.

What are the replacement parts for a bullfrog spa?

Hot Tub outpost carries replacement spa parts, like spa pumps, heaters, ozone generators, jets, topside controls and more - for all models of Bullfrog Spas. Balboa makes several of the control panels used in Bullfrog Spas. See the current replacement Bullfrog control panels .

Where is the Bullfrog Hot Tub Club located?

Hot Tub Club Signup. Bullfrog Spas are manufactured in Bluffdale, Utah, which is in the Salt Lake City metro area. Bullfrog International, the parent company of Bullfrog Spas, was founded in 1996.

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