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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a fridge on an exterior wall?

Sides: You should leave between ½" to 1" of clearance between the walls and cabinetry. Rear: You should leave a minimum of 1", and preferably 2" of clearance. Typically, because of the electrical or water connection, this will help push the fridge out slightly away from the wall, but 1-2 Inches is ideal.

Can refrigerators be kept outdoors?

Type – Indoor refrigerators should not be stored outside as they are not designed for safe operation in an outdoor environment or to withstand the elements. However, a refrigerator labeled for outdoor or indoor/outdoor use can be used in the right environment with safety precautions in place.

Do you need clearance around a fridge?

Air must be able to circulate around the box to help the refrigerator run efficiently, avoid overheating and last its full life span. The refrigerator will need minimum clearances of 2-inches from the back wall, 1-inch from the upper cabinet and 1/8-inch on either side of the fridge.

Can you Recess an exterior wall?

Exterior walls typically require enough insulation to provide an R-value of 20 or more, according to Missouri State University. Installing recessed shelving can restrict the space left for insulation so it cannot meet the recommended levels.

Is it OK to put a refrigerator next to the wall?

Rear placement provided a more natural spacing between the coils and the wall to promote air circulation and allow the heat that was generated to dissipate, but with the new configuration, placing the refrigerator next to wall spaces that are too close in proximity can hamper airflow and prevent the heated coils from cooling down.

What makes the inside of a refrigerator so airtight?

The polymer foams right inside the refrigerator walls, and fills every nook and cranny, making it extremely airtight. The adhesive properties of polyurethanes ensure a firm bond between the inner and outer walls, and also help prevent heat exchange between the interior and exterior.

Is the back wall of a Frigidaire an exterior wall?

Well anyway, the back wall of the frig should be an exterior wall. On the exterior side of this wall it should be shaded so it is relativity cooler (heat from frig coils being released will naturally travel to cooler the wall.

How do you get a refrigerator out of a side wall?

You need to measure that shallow, recessed alcove to find out which size refrigerator to buy. Lay down a sheet of cardboard to protect the floor, and pull out the fridge onto it. You may need to disconnect the ice maker and unplug the power cord. Many refrigerators have wheels, so you may be able to roll it out.

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