Can Led Bulbs Be Used In Exterior Light Fixtures?


Any LED placed outside should be outdoor rated. However, in a sealed lamp post or porch light, you could use an LED rated for enclosed fixtures. LEDs exposed to the weather should be UL damp or wet location listed, depending on the level of exposure.


Unfortunately, due to the heat entrapment of enclosed fixtures, not all LED light bulbs can be used. Or perhaps it is better to say that they should not be used. It may still be possible to use your regular LED bulb in the enclosed fixture, but with a shortened life span and the potential for premature dimming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor LED light bulbs?

The main difference is that lights meant for outdoor use are sealed better than indoor use lights. The international IP code rates bulbs based on their sealing effectiveness and level of protection from water, dust, and other impurities. For damp locations, bulbs only need to be rated at least IP44.

What happens if you use indoor bulbs outside?

A lamp or fixture listed for dry locations that is used outdoors can become a fire hazard. When exposed to the elements, water can get into the fixture and ultimately into the lamp, causing leakage current. Leakage current occurs because water conducts electricity.

What happens if you put too much voltage through an LED?

As previously mentioned, LED is current-driven and not a voltage-driven device. ... Therefore, if the voltage deviates more than 10%, the LED bulb is fused off. Subsequently, the electronic parts inside the LED bulb get damaged from the voltage spike.

Can you put LED bulbs in regular fixtures?

Can you Put LED Bulbs in Regular Fixtures 1 LED lighting in regular fixtures. LED lights are very eco-friendly and can be used for a longer time span when compared to traditional lighting devices. 2 Repercussions of using LED lights in closed light fixtures. ... 3 Precautions to be followed before using LED lights in light fixtures. ...

Can a LED light bulb be placed inside an incandescent light bulb?

You can see incandescent light bulbs and other types of bulbs inside of an enclosed light fixture, but can an LED light bulb be placed inside of one of these light fixtures? An enclosed light fixture can be defined as one that does not have an opening for air between the light bulb and the outside air.

Why are LED lights used in light fixtures?

LED lights are the best options to be used in light fixtures because when other light bulbs are mounted on light fixtures they tend to heat more than usual as they have no space to breathe out the heat that they produce while they are turned off.

Which is the best LED light bulb for outdoor use?

You need to look into different aspects of a bulb to know which one is the best-LED light bulb for outdoor fixtures. The bulb needs to have an optimum amount of watts that it can give to light up your garage or garden outside. You would want a powerful lamp when having tea with your family out to keep the mood brighten up.

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