Can Landscape Photos Have People In Theme?


Landscape pictures almost always exclude people in order to focus on the beauty and grandeur of the scene. But when used effectively, inserting a human element to a landscape can add a story to the scene.

Hürtgen forest and the end of World War II | DW Documentary

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between landscape photography and lifestyle photography?

What one person may consider to be a landscape may not be the same as what another considers as a landscape image. In fact, most would probably consider images of people in the outdoors having a good time to be lifestyle photographs, not landscapes. There is certainly a fine line from one to the other, but this is not what’s important.

Is it important to take sharp landscape photos?

Probably not. As landscape photographers, our collective answer should be probably not . Instead, spend more of your energy on the creative side of things. Practice light and composition, and think of sharpness as nothing more than another creative tool to match your vision. Is it important? Yes.

How many times has a landscape been photographed?

Finding a landscape that has not been photographed several hundred or thousand times over is a real challenge in today’s world as the globe has become increasingly interconnected with far-away destinations that are easier to access.

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