Can I Use Tyvek For Landscaping?


Yes, Tyvek® DrainWrap™ can be used under cedar siding. It is recommended that the cedar siding be installed per manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations by wood siding associations, such as the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. This requires priming all surfaces, including the back and ends, before installing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better to use tyvek or typar?

Tyvek has its advantages, personally I prefer it to typar because it's more durable on site in my experience. Felt is preferred by some but I've seen a lot of felt that has crumbled into dust so I prefer other things. Who knows what Tyvek, Typar, or the random "felt" you get at a random supplier tomorrow will do over the next 100 years though!

Is it OK to use Tyvek on exterior of house?

There seem to be some controversy regarding using TYVEK or similar material on the exterior side of the walls, what is your advice? The house will be build in quite a cold climate, Mid Hudson, New York to be excact. Become a GBA Prime member and get instant access to the latest developments in green building, research, and reports from the field.

Where can I buy Tyvek to make art?

All of the Tyvek materials that Emmerson used can be purchased online from Material Concepts in rolls. Or contact Material Concepts for more information. Hidden Magic and Water Bank Boogie are the names of two Tyvek art installations by artist Susan Knight. She excels at cutting Tyvek into various shapes and forms to create works of art.

Can a Tyvek be used for long term wetting?

Due to the relatively large overhangs, and very loose detailing of vinyl siding, (IMHO) there were few areas that could not dry out quickly, so the amount of sheathing deterioration was almost zero. Consequently, the Tyvek also was not subject to long term wetting.

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