Can I Use Exterior Paint On Bookshelf?


Exterior paint is perfect for outdoor furniture. However, due to the VOC content, most exterior paints aren’t suitable for indoor furniture. VOCs can cause short and long term health problems.


You may be changing the paint color of a bookshelf that’s already painted. A rule of thumb is that you can paint over enamel paint with either enamel or acrylic paint, but don’t bother painting over acrylic paint with anything but more acrylic-based paint; enamel won’t stick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can exterior paint be used on interior furniture?

You can use exterior paints indoors, but interior paints usually produce less chemical emissions. Like interior paint, exterior paints are available in an enormous array of colors. While either paint can be applied indoors, each has been formulated to perform best in its environment.

What kind of paint should I use to paint a bookcase?

Acrylic is a great paint to use for a bookshelf. Latex paints, which are commonly used for walls, can sometimes remain tacky, which isn't good for putting books on. Stir your paint to make sure it's all a consistent color and test it on some scrap wood.

Can you use exterior wood paint on interior wood?

Can you use exterior paint indoors? Please don't! ... Although it is possible to use exterior paint indoors, we advise against it due to the difference in mildewcides. They are not designed for interior use, and may cause adverse respiratory problems in some individuals.

What kind of paint to use on wood bookshelf?

You can use paint to dress up a solid wood or particle board shelf to make it more modern or playful. Wood absorbs paint, so an already painted bookshelf requires some preparation before you can grab the brush and get started. An unpainted shelf is ready for painting with little to no preparation.

Do you need to paint the back of a bookcase?

There was no need to paint the sides and back of the bookcase because nothing sits on them, just the flat surfaces. I lightly sanded the surfaces smooth, removing any lumps and bumps. This also prepares the surface for new paint. The damp rag wiped any sanding dust away and I was ready to paint.

What can I do with an old bookshelf?

Give an old bookshelf a face-lift with the help of paint. You can use paint to dress up a solid wood or particle board shelf to make it more modern or playful.

Can you use latex paint on a book shelf?

You'll still be able to use enamel or latex paint for the final steps, but you'll need to prepare the surfaces with sanding and a primer. Without these measures, no matter which paint you choose, it will not stick.

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